Welcome to the home page for Trinity Mission Ministry. We are currently reorganizing current mission ministries and creating new, exciting mission opportunities. We could use your help doing it! If you are the kind of person who likes to dig into a church and volunteer your talents, then Trinity is the place for you!


Are you wondering why we are using the word "mission" instead of "missions"? It's not a typo! It's on purpose. We believe in something called the missio Dei or the mission of God. We believe that all missionary efforts are apart of God's great mission to the world. He is the first missionary and, therefore, any mission effort belongs to him. We are all apart of one GIANT mission!

Upcoming Mission Opportunities

All over the Old Testament, we read these words: And God remembered... Not only will we be learning from these passages, but we will be putting what we learn into practice. During "And God Remembered" we will working in people's homes that have still not recovered from Hurricane Harvey. We need help too. If you would like to volunteer, email here or join us for an information meeting on March 4th at 6:30PM on our church campus. 

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